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I Hate Cancer is Dr. Kraus’s podcast. He addresses a different cancer-related topic on each episode. From the risk factors of developing breast cancer to tips on how to select a cancer treatment center, I Hate Cancer is a terrific resource for anyone who has been diagnosed with cancer, loved ones of those who have cancer, or who are interested in the subject of cancer, cancer treatment, and cancer research.


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Podcast: Is chemotherapy needed for early breast cancers?

Podcast: Is chemotherapy needed for early breast cancers? by S. Terry Kraus, M.D. Dr. Terry Kraus explains what patients who have cancer should look for when deciding on a cancer hospital. Is the hospital staff courteous? Are the facilities clean? Is the...

Podcast: Preventing Breast Cancer

Podcast: Preventing Breast Cancer by S. Terry Kraus, M.D. Dr. Terry Kraus goes over the strategies women can implement to lessen their risk of developing breast cancer. These practices include diet and exercise, regular beast exams and mammograms, and...

Podcast: Preventing Prostate Cancer

Podcast: Preventing Prostate Cancer by S. Terry Kraus, M.D. Dr. Terry Kraus covers some strategies for preventing prostate cancer. We all know that diet and exercise are important, that cigarettes are dangerous, and that alcohol should be consumed in...

Podcast: Easter Special: “The Man In The Red Bandana”

Dr. Terry Kraus explains the mission statement for his podcast: To inform and empower people all around the world through knowledge about cancer, from an oncologist with more than four decades of experience treating patients. In a special episode during the Easter Season, Dr. Kraus has a message and a story about the importance of sacrifice and rejuvenation.

Podcast: Intermediate Prostate Cancer Staging

In the latest entry in his miniseries on prostate cancer, Dr. Terry Kraus explains how the staging for intermediate prostate cancer works, including a breakdown of the Gleason score system.

Podcast: The Hazards of E-Cigarettes

The manufacturers of electronic cigarettes claim that “vaping” is safer than smoking. In fact, a “scientific study” by Dr. Riccardo Polosa got a lot of news attention recently for its conclusion that vaping is safe. Dr. Terry Kraus examines that study and questions its methods and findings, and shares what he knows about the dangers of e-cigarettes and nicotine in general.



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