Dark Hair Dye and Chemical Relaxers

by S. Terry Kraus, M.D.

Sep 11, 2017

Her straighteners and dye to dark and hair may cause an elevated risk of breast cancer. 4,285 African-American and Caucasian women were followed for this study. African-American women who used dark hair dye had a 51% increased chance of breast cancer compared to African-American women who did not. Occasional women who used chemical relaxers had a 74% increase of breast cancer compared to Caucasian women who did not use a relaxers.  Also, the breast cancer risk for Caucasian women who regularly dyed there hair dark shades increased the risk of breast cancer. There also seems to be an increased risk of lymphomas and multiple myeloma in women who use dark dyes.

It seems to be the greatest risk is on long time users of hair darkening or hair straightening products.

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