E-cigarettes are dangerous, and are being marketed to minors.

by S. Terry Kraus, M.D.

Feb 9, 2018

Despite their presence in public spaces where smoking is not allowed, electronic cigarettes (or “vaping”) are dangerous and do not provide the “safe” alternative to traditional cigarettes that e-cigarette manufacturers claim.

A “study” produced by an e-cigarette industry-backed researcher, Dr. Riccardo Polosa, claimed that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. The news coverage this research received was astounding, and misleading, as the news did not point out Dr. Polosa’s compromising industry ties, and did not scrutinize the study’s methodology or the journal in which it was published (Scientific Reports, a “journal” in which publishing space can be purchased).

E-cigarettes are very dangerous. They deliver a high amount of nicotine, a substance that is not only highly addictive but is a potentially lethal poison.

But legal regulations have not caught up to the vaping industry. The FDA cannot mandate childproof bottles containing liquid nicotine, leading to a startling amount of nicotine poisoning incidents in children younger than six.

And there is evidence that, because vaping is perceived as a safe alternative, teenagers who would otherwise not smoke are okay with vaping. Indeed, e-cigarettes are often marketed toward teenagers and children, with flavors such as “Gummy Bear” and “Bubble Gum.”

Public consciousness toward the dangers of electronic cigarettes must be raised, and legal requirements must be imposed to prevent the blatant selling of nicotine to children.

Yes, these are actual e-cigarette flavors… Do they seem like products intended for adults?

Yummy Bear

Bubble Pop

Cotton Candy

Peanut Butter Cup

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